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Advanced and Effective Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo RemovalDr. Roche performs tattoo removal with laser skin treatments and topical lightening products. Are you thinking about tattoo removal? If so, you’re not alone. Every day patients are seen from every walk of life who have had second thoughts about their tattoos.

Getting a tattoo may have seemed like a good idea once but may not fit your new image now. And now, you wish it would just go away? Dr. Roche can make that wish of tattoo removal come true. Utilizing our advanced laser systems and line of products, we can perform tattoo removal safely without leaving a scar.

How Does It Work?

Different lasers are required for removing different colors of tattoos. Dr. Roche owns and utilizes the most advanced laser systems. A multi-wavelength approach to tattoos is possible utilizing our large array of lasers. Medical lasers utilize an intense beam of light to significantly lighten the tattoo with each treatment. The light energy may be delivered as a continuous wave of light, or in pulses, depending upon the treatment and the type of laser utilized. When the ink particles of the tattoo absorb the light from the laser, they are broken up into smaller fragments. These fragments are then absorbed by your body and carried away by your body’s natural cleansing mechanism. The cleansing process usually takes four to six weeks. Pigment that is deeper in the dermis and more concentrated will require numerous treatments to remove. The Erbium laser is also used in tattoo removal to drill microscope holes down to the ink for better penetration of the tattoo removal laser. The Erbium also superficially rejuvenates the area helping to ensure no scarring.

After Tattoo Removal Surgery

Tattoo Removal Procedures - Metro Detroit MI - Dr RocheDr. Roche has also compiled a topical lightening kit to use in between treatments or before you begin your treatment process. Most patients describe a mild to moderate pain during tattoo removal, similar to the snapping of a rubber band on the skin, followed by the feeling of a bad sunburn. The majority of treatments require no anesthetic.

Some patients do feel more comfortable with a local numbing cream or ice on the area prior to treatment. Immediately after a treatment, the skin has a white discoloration and the area around the tattoo may be red and could have some swelling. This will normally disappear over time. The white crust then turns into a flake which falls off over four to six days. The tattoo will then lighten gradually over the next two to six weeks. Occasionally hypo-pigmentation, or lightening of the skin, may occur. On normal skin, tone should return within 6 to 12 months following your last treatment session. Since the ink used in tattooing is not regulated, some patients may have only partial clearing even after several laser sessions.

How Many Treatments Are Required for Tattoo Removal?

Tattoo Removal Procedures - Metro Detroit MI - Dr Roche 1On average, 6 to 10 treatments are required, spaced two to six weeks apart for tattoo removal. The number of treatments required for maximum improvement depends on the size, location, depth and color of the tattoo. Treatments are typically placed two to four weeks apart to allow the body to remove the maximum amount of tattooed pigment from each treatment. Treatment sessions usually take from 10 to 30 minutes. Most patients will see improvement in their tattoos with each treatment. Large or heavy pigmented tattoos applied by a professional tattoo artist can require several treatments for optimum results. Dr. Roche may suggest other treatment approaches to give you the best cosmetic result.

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