Superficial Skin Rejuvenation

Erbium Laser Bloomfield Hills, MICO2 is a precise technology tool designed for superficial rejuvenation and micro-planing of the skin. The CO2 vaporizes 20-60 microns of tissue with very little thermal effect. CO2 energy is strongly absorbed by water in tissue. Since soft tissue is comprised of mainly water it is highly effective in soft tissues.

The objective skin resurfacing is to remove an undesired outer layer of skin allowing the formation of a new outer epidermal layer of skin.

There are several modalities used for resurfacing; topical products, micro-dermabrasions, chemical peels, lasers…

Mechanical resurfacing is referred commonly as dermabrasion. Chemical peels are a chemical resurfacing; it is unpredictable with minor side effects. Photoablation is referred to as Laser resurfacing. In photoablation the epidermis is vaporized to a well defined depth with the thermal energy produced laser light. A small residual amount of heat remains in tissue and may cause secondary effects such as coagulation of small vessels or contraction of underlying collagen. The depth of the laser energy is precise and well controlled, predictable and simple in the right hands.

The process of resurfacing is caused by the rapid vaporization of tissue water. The rapidly vaporized water breaks apart issue, and carries off the tissue remnants as it leaves the surface.

There is little to no down time with the CO2 rejuvenation treatment. Treatments can even be done on your lunch break. The skin will appear ashy and dry. The vaporized tissue will peel off within two days leaving fresh, healthy skin behind. The after care while the sloughing occurs is applying moisture – Aquaphor ointment, and cleaning bi-daily with Aquanil cleanser. Post superficial rejuvenation sunscreen is important as well as proper hydration. The skin care kit offered has been handpicked by Dr. Roche for optimal healing and insurance for the best results.

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