A Quicker, Easier Alternative to the Traditional Facelift

S-Lift Dr. Roche performs the S-Lift which is an alternative to the traditional face lift. The “S-Lift” or “Small Facelift” creates an overall lift to the lower third of a patient’s face and cheeks. Compared to a full face lift, the S-Lift is a quicker operation with fewer complications, thus allowing patients to get back to normal life sooner.



How Does It Work?

The S-Lift is performed with an S-formed excision in the area forward of the ear with limited scarring. The skin is lifted and the underlying muscles and tissues are tightened and repositioned. Recovery is faster due to suspension techniques that minimizes the surgery, because it is less invasive. The procedure normally takes 60-90 minutes and results last 7-10 years on most patients.  The S-lift can be combined with other procedures i.e. fat transfer for long lasting natural volume, blepharoplasty, skin rejuvenation procedures and more!

Is the S-Lift Right for Me?

Candidates are both men and women between the ages of 30-50, who are in good health. A good candidate for an S-Lift has mild to moderate lower facial and/or neck laxity. Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Roche is the best way to discover if the S-Lift is the right choice for you.

“My patients tell me their friends say that after their S-Lift they don’t look like they had surgery, they just look younger and happier. One reason is that the telltale scar is eliminated behind the ears and temporal region and there’s no hair loss,” says Dr. Roche. Other benefits include a faster recovery time, less risk of complication and a more natural look.

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