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Neck Lift by Dr. RocheDr. Roche can help you look years younger with a NeckTite procedure.  With the advent of new surgical technology, such as small cameras the size of a thin pin, Dr. Roche is able to perform neck lifts like NeckTite through small incisions placed behind the ear and under the chin. Many patients come to see Dr. Roche with subtle jowling and slight banding of the neck. This is caused by relaxation of the facial muscles as well as a herniation of the neck muscle called the platysma muscle. If a patient has minimal jowling and neck-bands with good skin elasticity, then they do not require a full face lift and are excellent candidates for the new endoscopic neck procedure.

Advanced Techniques for Minimizing Side Effects

The benefit of performing an endoscopic neck lift or cervical lift is that the patient is spared the incisions in front of the ear, yielding less bruising and less swelling. Dr. Roche utilizes a fine laser beam through the tiny incisions. This once again ensures minimal bruising, minimal swelling, and a faster return to work for the patient. If a patient has extensive jowling and neck banding, then they are better suited for a full face lift procedure. The determination whether you are a candidate for an endoscopic neck lift versus a face lift is made during your initial consultation.

Neck Lift

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NeckTite for Men

NeckTite for Men by Dr. Roche

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