Lip Augumentation

Lip Augmentation ProcedureSome of the most telling signs of aging can be seen in the lips. As we age, we often lose bulk and definition to the upper lip. The middle portion of the lip, which has the upturn is called Cupid’s Bow. With age, the Cupid’s Bow often flattens. While several temporary injection fillers are utilized to augment the lips, such as Juvederm XC, permanent lip augmentation can be performed utilizing fat transfer. Fat Transfer are all a part of the new technology used successfully by Dr. Roche for Lip Augmentation.

What is the Process?

Fat transfer lip augmentation is routinely performed as an outpatient procedure in the office or surgery center. It is very common for patients to come to the office on Friday, have their lips augmented, and return to work on Monday. Many patients seek lip augmentation prior to significant events such as dinner parties or weddings. Most patients simply want to look their best to enjoy their daily lives.

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