Zerona and Verju Laser

Advanced Liposuction With Absolutely No Discomfort

Zerona Laser Dr. RocheOne of the many ways Dr. Roche performs liposculpture is with the Erchonia Laser. This laser-assisted procedure improves the liposuction surgery results. Dr. Roche is involved in two national studies to further investigate the safety of liposuction procedures and also evaluate the new laser’s potential to make the liposuction procedure results even better with less pain and more rapid healing.

The laser is used pre-liposuction to soften the fat and possibly allow “lipo-shifting” or smoothing of lumps and depressions reduce pain, inflammation, and bruising. There is absolutely no discomfort with the laser treatments. Dr. Roche is one of ten surgeons in the country providing this laser treatment.

Cellulite is Present in 90% of Post-Adolescent Women

Until now there has not been a proven, non-invasive procedure to help with the appearance of cellulite.  The Zerona laser system is a  proven option to help with the appearance of those pesky dimples and without pain, surgery, or downtime.

Verju Laser

verju laser dr. rocheThe Verju laser is an enhanced version of the Zerona laser with the added benefit of smoothing and tightening skin during treatment.  Verju laser treatments can give you the look you want by helping to contour your body and reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Learn more about Verju laser treatments when you schedule your teleconsultation with Dr. Roche today!



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Read Dr. Roche’s paper on “Low Level Laser Therapy for reducing the Hip, Waist, and Upper Abdomen Circumference of Individuals with Obesity,” that was published in Photomedicine and Laser Surgery Journal.

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