Smart Liposuction

Laser-Assisted Liposuction

SmartLipo™ is laser-assisted liposuction in which patients often experience faster healing and tighter, firmer skin than with other forms of the treatment, even reducing cellulite and stretch marks.

Traditional liposuction is meant to treat large areas of the body where fat deposits have become prevalent, whereas SmartLipo is ideal for treating small areas and is less invasive.

“Patient downtime after traditional liposuction surgery is significant,” says Dr. Roche. “However, with the new laser-assisted SmartLipo™ LaserBodySculpting procedure, my patients are able to return to normal activities, such as work, in virtually no time at all—healing is significantly accelerated.”

Innovative Liposuction Technology

SmartLipo™ LaserBodySculpting is the most recent innovation from Cynosure, a worldwide leader in the surgical, medical and aesthetic pulsed-light and laser marketplace. It’s is ideal for treating fat deposits on the face and body and, as an additional benefit, the laser stimulates collagen production, leaving the skin firm.

“No matter how strict some of my patients’ diet and how religious they are about exercise, many of them just cannot eliminate localized areas of fat, such as around the abdomen or on the upper regions of the arms,” explains Dr. Roche. “Patients are now able to achieve results they never thought possible.”

Dr. Roche is the one of the only physicians in Michigan offering the smart sense handpiece for ultimate safety, and he also is a member of the American Counsel for Liposuction. At your consultation, Dr. Roche would be able to recommend the surgical procedure(s) that would best fit your individual circumstances.

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