Labiaplasty/Mons Pubis Procedures

Labiaplasty is the aesthetic surgical enhancement of the vulvar structures, labia minora, labia majora and the mons pubis.

We provide aesthetically and functionally pleasing result for our  patients. Mons lift or Mini tummy tuck may be utilized to help tighten the loosened skin and reposition the mons after coupled with fat transfer , AccuTite, SkinTyte, and/or liposuction.


  • Laser Reduction labiaplasty sculpts the elongated or unequal labia minora (small inner lips). The procedure prevents the small inner lips from projecting beyond the range of the outer lips. This condition results from the aging process, traumatic child birth, or injures.
  • Augmentation labiaplasty can provide aesthetically structured and youthful labia majora by Dr. Roche’s autologous fat transfer procedure.
  • Vulvar Lipoplasty can remove unwanted fat of the mon pubis and the upper parts of the labia majora. Liposculpting and skin tightening can alleviate unsightly fatty bulges and produce an aesthetically pleasing contour.

A patient may elect surgery of the mons pubis for any reason including a disproportionate amount of fat or skin leading to bulging or sagging.

Liposuction and lift of the mons pubis, or normal bulge over the pubic bone, is often done in conjunction with abdominal liposuction abdominoplasty, or labiaplasty. Although after weight related, enlargement of the mons pubis region contains a large percent of hormone-dependent fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. For skin laxity, an incision is made to surgically lift the area.

Mons Fat Transfer

DIVA Vaginal Rejuvenation

DIVA Vaginal Rejuvenation offers quick relief from urinary incontinence, painful or understimulation during intercourse, leaks, dryness, and over stretching.

  • Diminishes urinary incontinence/leaks
  • Increases secretion and pleasure during intercourse
  • Tightens the vaginal wall
  • DIVATyte for outer skin laxity/restore youthful appearance
  • Quick 3 to 5 minute treatment

At your consultation, Dr. Roche would be able to recommend the surgical procedure(s) that would best fit your individual circumstances.

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