Minimally Invasive Breast Lift

Minimally Invasive Breast Lift

Dr. Gregory C. Roche offers a minimally invasive alternative to the traditional mastopexy options.

Learn About Dr. Roche’s Minimally Invasive Breast Lift

This minimally invasive approach may include liposuction of the breast, Breast-Tite, Morpheus Body Burst, or EVOLVE.  Dr. Roche will customize his recommendations based on each individuals needs.  Using only a small entrance incision the patient can avoid the conspicuous scarring of the traditional breast lift.

There is minor recovery time and some bruising and swelling may be seen.  Results improve and increase over time.  RF energy grows collagen, tightening the envelope of the breast giving the candidate firmer, higher, perkier breasts.

At the time of your consultation Dr. Roche will recommend the procedure modalities to address your specific cases.


How BreastTite and Morpheus8 Work

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