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Learn why women throughout metro Detroit say that DIVA treatments from Dr. Roche have completely changed their lives.  Treatments that only take a few minutes, can revitalize your life and unleash your inner DIVA too!


BodyTite is ideal for individuals who are looking to reduce fat without having saggy or wrinkly skin. It also helps improve saggy skin after weight loss or due to aging. Learn more about all the applications for BodyTite.


From the neck area to stretch marks that are resistant to diet and exercise, Morpheus8 treatments can slim, contour, and smooth the areas of your body that have been impacted by age and time.

Breast Implants

Dr. Roche offers different types of breast implant options that include Gummy Bear, Saline, and Silicone implants.  See before and after pictures and learn why patients experience such satisfying long-term results.

Breast Lift

Help raise and re-shape sagging breasts with a breast lift.  Over the years nursing, pregnancy, and the force of gravity take can all take their toll on a woman’s breasts.  Learn more about the procedure and how Dr. Roche uses fat transfer or implants to give you the look that you want.

360 Lipo

360 Lipo by Dr. Roche is a comprehensive liposuction procedure that is designed for someone who desires a dramatic change to their body.  Patients typically target certain areas of the body with this type procedure that include the back and arms, abdomen, and thighs.

Mommy Makeover

Look and feel younger with Mommy Makeover procedures from Dr. Roche that include:  BodyTite, 360 Lipo, Breast Lift, DIVA, and more!  Get the body you have always wanted and look amazing in everything.

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Roche is metro Detroit’s top cosmetic surgeon with vast experience in performing  breast augmentation procedures.  Learn about the advanced techniques he uses to create incredible results for you.

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If you are looking for a new body but don’t know where to start, then schedule a consultation with Dr. Roche today.  Dr. Roche is the only Triple Board Certified cosmetic surgeon in Michigan and during your consultation you’ll learn about all the available procedures and treatments to help create a new you!  Call (248) 338-1110.

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