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We’re available via phone, email, or text message to help you plan the right procedure, support you following a procedure, and to answer all your cosmetic surgery questions.  Please call (248) 338-1110.


Rated one of the most ‘worth it treatments’ by women, DIVA increases the pleasure during intercourse and diminishes urinary incontinence.  Learn more about this walk-in, walk-out treatment.

Total Body Makeover

Did you know that you can get a total body makeover from Dr. Roche?  Procedures and treatments include EVOLVE, EVOKE, Morpheus8, Broadband Light, and a pre-treatment product package!


Help dad reveal his defined facial features with EVOKE.  This non-invasive treatment is the ultimate solution for shaping and contouring the jawline and upper neck to reveal a more youthful look.  Learn how this non-invasive technology works.


EVOLVE is THE next generation in full body remodeling.  Explore single treatment and multi-treatment packages from Dr. Roche that are completely non-invasive and contour your body to its ideal shape.

Emerald Laser

Fathers throughout metro Detroit are turning to the FDA approved Emerald Laser from Dr. Roche to shape up their “dad bods”.  No surgery, no downtime, and completely non-invasive, the Emerald Laser produces incredible results!


Craft a strong, sculpted chest through a male breast reduction procedure from Dr. Roche.  When diet and targeted exercises simply are not enough, then it is time to turn to metro Detroit’s top cosmetic surgeon Dr. Roche.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Get the energy, vigor, and vitality of your youth back with Hormone Replacement Therapy from Dr. Roche who uses a diagnostic evaluation and blood chemistry analysis to determine how HRT can truly help you.

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If you are looking for a new body but don’t know where to start, then schedule a consultation with Dr. Roche today.  Dr. Roche is a Triple Board Certified cosmetic surgeon in Michigan and during your consultation you’ll learn about all the available procedures and treatments to help create a new you!  Call (248) 338-1110.

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