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Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewDr. Roche is a true professional. His staff is extremely accommodating and willing to answer questions and provide guidance throughout the entire process no matter what the procedure. Tracey, Janine, Jenny, all top notch everyone there was the best in their class. I’ve used Dr Roche for surgery as well as his anti-aging program. If you’re looking for highly skilled professional services without any shortcuts his office is the place! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewNothing short of amazing!
I had been considering breast augmentation for 10+ years and Dr. Roche was a referral from a friend. Right from the start, the women that worked in the office were very kind and very thorough with explaining things and answering all my questions. During COVID, meeting the doctor in person before the day of the procedure wasn’t common, but I requested it and they accommodated me without a problem. When I had my visit, I was able to see different sizes and try them on in a sports bra to get an idea of what size I wanted. Every one of the ladies in the office were nothing but kind and I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Roche, who patiently answered all my questions. On the day of the surgery, I was again greeted with smiles, positivity, encouragement, and professional behavior. Surgery was a breeze and before I knew it, I was on my way home.

As far as the results, I couldn’t be happier! I wish I did this years ago! I was so worried that they wouldn’t be symmetrical or they wouldn’t heal properly but within a month, the implants had dropped right to where they were supposed to be. They are a comfortable size and also feel perfect, like they’ve been there for years. The scars are pretty much hidden under my breasts and those healed great. The first couple days of recovery were a little painful but that was to be expected. Dr. Roche’s staff called to check on me and answer any questions or concerns as well.
Five star experience all around. The staff is wonderful, Dr. Roche did an amazing job, and I love the results.

Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewI had the body tight procedure and chin lip. I LOVE my results and I am seeing more improvements as time goes by. The ladies at the office are also so nice and welcoming! Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to make changes.

Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewHuge HUGE thank you to Dr. Roche and his team! If I could-I would give 6 stars. From start to finish this experience has exceeded my expectations. I was that woman, had kids, the “mom bod” and working out was just not cutting it. I was always nervous about this type cosmetic surgery and from consult to this pic! Proof is here! I am SIX DAYS POST OP and the results are it! Run folks do not walk to this man’s office! I literally have virtually no pain! He has that Magic touch! Thank you again!!!!! I asked for an hour glass shape with-a flat tummy (super basic, right?) 🙂 and he delivered. I had lipo 360, with my arms and neck and chin lipo. Muah! Like I said-RUN do not walk to schedule that surgery with him! Thanks again! Janine And Jenny and the rest of the crew-down to anesthesia were just warm and made me feel comfortable. You don’t always get that lucky and I sure did! Thanks again.. HUGE THUMBS UP.. rocking this new body this summer.. Wooo!!!

Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewBreast lift looks incredible! Loved the doc and staff so much, can not believe how comfortable they make you feel! This is the guy to see for any type of cosmetic procedure. His triple board certification gave me the confidence to go with him. My instinct was spot on! Love Love Love!

Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewI highly recommend Dr. Roche and his staff. I had gained a lot of weight in my younger years and was over 350 pounds. I lost the weight in my early 30’s and have kept it off but I could never get rid of some stubborn belly fat and man boobs no matter how hard I worked in the gym. After my surgery, I can finally see the muscle definition in the stomach/chest area that I worked so hard for. It’s increased my confidence and I no longer hesitate to take my shirt off. I also followed the surgery with Evolve treatments which helped tighten the loose skin in those areas. I can’t express how thankful I am to Dr. Roche and his staff. Having the surgery was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewDr. Roche performed my first breast augmentation back in 2004 and because he was so wonderful to work with and because my breast turned out amazing I never even considered going to another surgeon for my implant replacement surgery this past April. Just like the first time, Dr. Roche made sure he understood what I wanted and addressed all of my questions and concerns with honest and informative responses. He is by far the best when it comes to breast augmentation. I have recommended Dr. Roche to several friends who have also had him perform their breast augmentation and they all feel the same, thrilled with their boobs. 🙂 Not to mention all of the staff at Dr. Roche’s office are so sweet and very helpful. They are always available to answer questions and made me feel so comfortable during the entire process from beginning to end. If you are considering breast augmentation don’t trust anyone but Dr. Roche!

Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewI can’t say enough good things about Dr. Roche and his staff! I was beyond pleased with my results. I had implants and a breast lift, liposuction and body contouring, lower eyes and lips done… And five days later I felt great! My experience with Dr. Roche and his staff has been life-changing. I continue to get compliments on my new body every single day. I feel amazing!  See more 5 Star reviews for Dr. Roche.

Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewDr. Roche did my silicone breast implants and results are amazing! The staff is awesome. The atmosphere is relaxing and went out there way to make me feel comfortable. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!ANDREA R.

Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewI always have a wonderful experience at the Dr. Roche office! I have had several non invasive appointments including Zerona and light therapy facials and I’ve always had great service and excellent results. This office however screams 5 stars because of the front office and support staff. Tracey, Janine and Jenny are simply amazing. The nicest and most accommodating team of ladies I’ve encountered at an office.

Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewStaff was professional and friendly. The type of people you feel you’ve known awhile. Every step of the way, my questions and were answered and addressed.  Dr. Roche is as skilled as they come. My procedures went very well my results exactly what I was looking for and better than expected. My breasts look amazing and my skin tightening results are AWESOME!

BodyTite Results Dr. RocheNever in a billion gazillion years would I EVER wear a bikini or a full piece like this!! It’s been 24 years! Remember all my craziness! Look at me now! Yay! Thank you Dr. Roche!!! And all of you fabulous ladies for dealing with me! I love you all!! And I miss you girls!

Tennille! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewI just wanted to say how happy I am with Dr. Roche and his staff. They really make me feel like a friend. I have had A few different procedures done there from botox to skintite and they really know their stuff. I get compliments all the time about how young I look and how nice my skin is. I love having a good Dr I trust to refer to my friends. I also love the fun, cheery atmosphere and decor. As much as I hate needles, I’m looking forward to my next botox appointment.

Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewMy wife is a patient at Dr. Roche’s office. She looks much younger than we are.  People tell me all the time that I have a beautiful wife and I am a lucky man. I call her my trophy wife.

Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewIt’s been a year since I’ve had my treatments with Dr Roche. I had the bags under my eyes removed, face tight neck tight treatment, fat removed from my upper chest and stomach. I used to weigh 240 lb. One year out, the wait is still off. I weigh 180 lb. Bags under my eyes are gone, my face is slender and contoured. I never thought I would see myself like this again.

Dr. Roche is a seasoned expert in his field. The staff there is wonderful. Very knowledgeable and accommodating. Tracey RN went out of her way to answer my many, many questions with her expert and experienced knowledge.

My life has truly been transformed thanks to Dr Roche and his team of experts. I am so happy, from the bottom of my heart thank you!

Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewI had textured saline implants removed and replaced with gummy bear silicone implants. I was nervous about the recall and I could not find my medical records because my previous surgeon had passed away and I did not keep my own records. I had nerve damage and scarring/tissue damage that made me hate my breasts to be touched and a lot of numbness. Dr. Roche met with me twice to answer my questions and we talked about whether to just remove or replace as well. He relieved my concerns and the staff there are so friendly and kind. I am so pleased with the look and feel of my new breasts. They feel natural and I have gained much of my feeling back in my breasts. The staff is top notch and they prepare you for surgery with getting you on the proper supplements and preventative care ahead of time. My experience was amazing! So thankful I chose Dr. Roche!

Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewBetter than I could have even imagined! After seeing all of the press about textured implants, I decided to have my implants either removed or replaced. After two consultations, I went with replacing my saline textured implants with the gummy bear silicone and I could not be happier with the results. I had previous nerve damage but after my replacement augmentation, the normal feelings are back and I love the natural look and feel of my breasts. The staff are all so kind and caring. Dr. Roche took time to speak with me twice in person and another time on the phone answering all of my questions and dealing with my concerns. I can’t recommend him enough! You will be so glad you went with Dr. Roche.

Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewFour months postop from having a fatty dorsal hump removed and a little bit of shape action going on I am very happy with my results thus far. Follow post op directions and have realistic expectations. The staff has been great with postop care and checking up on me. I would absolutely use them again should I ever need something else.

Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewThis man is the most intelligent physician that I’ve been too, he seems to know everything! I went to him a couple of weeks ago as my hair is falling out. I have two patches on my head that I’m having a hard time covering up. Dr. Roche looked at the first one, and said it’s fungus. I almost choked 🙂 I went home and read an article about fungus. Most people have it in their toe nails, and I have it in two of them. I read further that it can grow all over your body and end up in your heart! This is not the first time that Dr. Roche has discovered something with a family member. Don’t forget he was a very famous ENT before he switched over to plastic surgery. A true Gem of a doctor.

Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewEveryone in the office is extremely helpful and polite. I never felt uncomfortable; even on my first day there during the consultation. Dr Roche was very informative and made me feel even more confident about my decision to get Lipolite. I will definitely send all my friends and family to him. I love my body more now and I feel even more confident at the gym because now I just get to work on maintaining and tightening. Thank you to Dr Roche and his wonderful team!!

Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewI highly recommended Dr Roche & his Staff!! Dr Roche & his staff are absolutely amazing!!! They are knowledgeable , caring and understanding. Dr Roche knew exactly what I was looking to accomplish and totally exceeded my expectations!!! If your looking for an office that is caring and will go beyond your expectations then you have found them…. thank you Dr. Roche & Staff for being so wonderful.

Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewHi, just wanted to let you know that I had breast augmentation with Dr. Roche last year…and I found a lump in my left breast that turned out to be cancer. The tissue was pushed forward-which is why I felt it, otherwise I might not have caught it. It never showed up on the mammogram. Anyway, thank you so much, the boob job and my vanity probably saved my life 🙂 Also, I’m very happy with the results.

Jamie C.

Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewI am writing this review for my mom, she doesn’t have a gmail account. From the minute my mom and Dr. Roche had there consultation to after her surgery a few days ago, she feels terrific. He listened to her wants, needs and reasonable desires. It has been full of compassion, kindness, and amazing results. Dr. Roche and his staff went above and beyond for her surgery and made this her best experience ever. She highly recommends them.

Sabrina J.

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Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewGreat friendly staff. Always helpful. Clean facility. I would definitely recommend.

Ashley Wilson

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“A very personable staff, so kind and welcoming. Can’t wait to try more services!”

Kristin Hurley 

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Dr. Roche and his amazing staff are wonderful! They are kind, truly caring, and so helpful. I’ve had two procedures done by Dr. Roche and they have exceeded my hopes and expectations! His work is phenomenal and he and his staff go above and beyond for you. What he has done for me is life changing, and I honestly couldn’t be happier!

Natalie Page

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Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewDr. Roche and his staff are amazing! From my consult to now (5 1/2 weeks post op) literally any and all of my concerns and questions have been answered. I call there AT LEAST once a week and every time I am treated with nothing but respect. From Christy (front office gal) to Mimi and Tracey I thank you ladies for being so patient and understanding with me. I love you all!! And Dr. Roche, your work has been amazing 🖤

Heather W.

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“I visited Dr. Roche’s office after meeting him through my work at WRIF in Detroit. It was at that time I had finally made the decision to have my small B size implants replaced. I was happy having something there; however it was not what I was after when I had my initial surgery elsewhere about 10 years prior. When I had my first surgery I at least wanted a C cup in order to enjoy swimsuits and better fitting clothing. Having been born with absolutely no breast tissue I was very unhappy. So at the age of 19 I discussed my desire to undergo plastic surgery with my parents who at that time helped me because they saw how much emotional pain it was causing me. Unfortunately with my first surgeon I did not get my small C cups I got a B. I went on to become a very successful model and spokesperson any way (with my b cup) implants. What bothered me most was that I still had to pad and stuff my swimsuits and bra for certain looks. To be honest it was not so much the size but the look that bothered me. I wish that I could have been born with a sexy A or B cup with an attractive shape to my breast but I wasn’t. [Read More]

Breast Augmentation Testimonial

“Staff real informative and made me feel comfortable and dr. consultation was awesome”

Alex Aceval

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Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewI wanna start off by saying thank you !! To the amazing Dr. Roche and his staff ! Treated me like family and excellent customer service! I’m extremely satisfied with my results I feel like a new woman! He is far beyond a surgeon he is an artist! He is a man of extremely great skills followed by his staff I would recommend him hands down ! No matter what procedure it is your getting done. I am 100% satisfied with my results!

Deyanira A.

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I would like to start out by saying that I have had an amazing experience with Dr Roche and his entire staff , especially Mimi and Tracy . I had many consultations with several surgeons prior to Dr Roche , and after my visit with Dr Roche I just knew that he was my surgeon . I was so afraid and had so many questions , I can honestly say that Dr Roche and his staff answered all of my questions , made feel extremely comfortable and Dr Roche himself told me that everything would be just fine and he would take care of me, and he did. .I am now 6 weeks post op and I am feeling wonderful. I amazed at my results so far. Dr Roche truly exceeded my expectations with his work especially being so early in my healing process , my body has been transformed . I cannot wait to see the progress over the next 3 months . I believe that Dr Roche has been blessed with a gift and it shows in his work . I will keep posting as I continue to go through my healing process . Thank you Dr Roche and Staff

Latricia B.

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Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewI absolutely loved my decision to go to Dr. Roche! Tracey is amazing and can make anyone feel so comfortable and confident. Dr. Roche did an excellent job, his expertise and experience really shows, I am so happy with my results!

Kiley L.

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Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewThis office made my first time talking about breast Augmentation easier. The staff are amazing and listen to your concerns. Dr. Roche made me feel comfortable about what I needed to do to look good.Today is day 2 after my Augumentation with lift and I am not an easy patient. The doctor and staff are available anytime of day to answer question or just to listen to you because your scared. Im excited for the final results and would recommend Dr Roche and Staff in a heartbeat!!

Rachel V.

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Dr. Roche 5 Star ReviewHad a BBL. I was nervous at first, however, the staff and Dr made me feel comfortable. I’m absolutely in love with my procedure!! I will definitely refer my family and friends to Dr. Roche. Thank You Dr. Roche and Staff!! You guys are awesome!!!

Mellisa S.

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