Forever Young BBL

What Is Sun Damage Melasma? What Are The Treatment Options?

Melasma is a term that is used to describe a skin disorder that causes a systematical, blotchy and facial pigment that is brown in color. Women are more affected by melasma than men. Also, people with a natural, darker skin tone are at a high risk of being affected by melasma as compared to people […]

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FAQ About Laster Skin Resurfacing

The face skin is the most sensitive area of the body; it quickly succumbs to wrinkles, acne, and scars. Also, it is the most visible part of the body, and any of these blemishes can create a wrong first impression. Science, however, has found a way to deal with this through laser skin resurfacing. 1. […]

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Detroit’s Local Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Roche, Introduces the Forever Young BBL: A Scientific Breakthrough Treatment That Slows Down the Aging Clock

Dr. Gregory Roche, a cosmetic surgeon based out of Southeast Michigan, is now offering the Forever Young BBL treatment, a scientifically proven treatment that promotes youthful skin on a molecular level. This treatment can alter the expression of genes associated with the aging process. This technology provides a functional change, rather than cosmetic, to promote a youthful […]

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