urinary incontinence

The Diva Treatment: A Breakthrough Innovation for Women of All Ages

March 9 2016 A woman’s vaginal health is a key component to her sense of sensuality, well-being, and confidence. However, after childbirth or menopause, many women start to feel a difference. Tissues become stretched, thin, dry, or even inflamed, leaving sex to be very painful. A healthy functioning vagina is every woman’s right, and a new non-surgical rejuvenation offers […]

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Detroit’s Local Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Roche, Introduces The diVa Treatment

March 22 2016 Dr. Gregory Roche, one of Southeast Michigan’s premier cosmetic surgeons, is now offering the Diva Treatment, a non-surgical, groundbreaking laser resurfacing procedure that results in improved quality of a woman’s vaginal tissue. The purpose of this technology is to help women feel more like their vital and sensual selves by tightening their vaginal tissue. […]

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Who Can Benefit from The diVa Treatment?

April 25 2017 As a woman, vaginal health is incredibly important. However, as you age and change so does your vagina. A decline in vaginal health has a couple main factors- childbirth and menopause ( or reduced estrogen levels). If you experience vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence or pain during sexual intercourse, diVa may be the treatment for […]

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