Amy Hayes Review for Dr. Gregory C. Roche

“I visited Dr. Roche’s office after meeting him through my work at WRIF in Detroit. It was at that time I had finally made the decision to have my small B size implants replaced. I was happy having something there; however it was not what I was after when I had my initial surgery elsewhere about 10 years prior. When I had my first surgery I at least wanted a C cup in order to enjoy swimsuits and better fitting clothing. Having been born with absolutely no breast tissue I was very unhappy. So at the age of 19 I discussed my desire to undergo plastic surgery with my parents who at that time helped me because they saw how much emotional pain it was causing me. Unfortunately with my first surgeon I did not get my small C cups I got a B. I went on to become a very successful model and spokesperson any way (with my b cup) implants. What bothered me most was that I still had to pad and stuff my swimsuits and bra for certain looks. To be honest it was not so much the size but the look that bothered me. I wish that I could have been born with a sexy A or B cup with an attractive shape to my breast but I wasn’t. [Read More]

After capturing many swimsuit tittles and lucrative playboy layouts among other achievements I felt it was time to go up and add the much needed weight to my cup size I originally desired. My first surgeon before Dr. Roche did not give me realistic expectations although I will say the surgery was very safe. But I was somewhat depressed that I was stuck with a size I did not want. Worse I felt that because the saline implants I had were light they did not add any material to the bottom area of my breast. And the scars were not hidden well.

I consulted with Dr to discuss my options and was excited to learn my wishes could be attained. I was able to look at, feel and try on many implants before surgery. This second surgery (implant replacement) was strictly for me. I had already been successful with lesser breasts in a field where most women think they have to have huge breasts.

Even better I was scheduled for my biggest Playboy feature yet. A celebrity spread featuring me along with an article based on my career as Boxing’s First Female Ring Announcer! You can see the results obtained through Dr Roche’s office in the March 2002 issue of Playboy in my pictorial “The lady Of the Rings” We decided before the shoot that I would unveil my new breasts in this pictorial. They looked great and added to my confidence and excitement. Most people didn’t even realize I had a second surgery which is good. You want to look better or at least project such a powerful aura that people will simply wonder “what did you do? You look better but I’m not sure why” Obviously some people caught on right away but you would be surprised at how many just thought I looked great and looked happy!

Because of Dr. Roche and his staff I was able to go from a B cup to a D cup and I was very pleased with the results. After a couple of years the implants actually looked better. Softer and fuller too! At first I wore a 34 D and I now where a 36 D after they relaxed and settled in.

My time spent at his office working with he and his staff was extremely comfortable and I would go back for future work. In fact I am considering implant replacement again with Silicone gel implants to work on the feel and look of the breasts. Now that I am past my twenties and modeling is no longer my primary career. I think it is time to work on other areas that are for me! I would like to work with Dr. Roche on liposculpture to finally rid myself of problem areas that are stubborn and that can be alleviated by his procedures.

Why Not! I am still young and in my prime I want to enjoy my life to the fullest. This is all about me and how I can best project a happy healthy realistic image.

My implant replacement through Dr Roche’s office was less painful the second time around. I was fortunate to not have any bruising or complications at all. On the day of my surgery Bonnie was there and stopped in to see how I was doing. She was kind enough to reassure me that I would be fine and held my hand for a moment. Once we got started I felt fine. The surgical staff treated me with kindness and respect but was very serious that I had followed my pre operative instructions for my own safety. (Thank you, I appreciate that!) I was ready to go home almost immediately after surgery and recovered quickly. In fact, I appeared at the Detroit Autorama to sign autographs for three days! The very next week

I look forward to more opportunities to enhance myself safely with Dr. Roche. As I mentioned I already have plans in mind.

To all future candidates and future patients’ enjoy your experience with Dr. Roche and make sure you are very clear on what you like and don’t like. He is there to help and is more then happy to offer his opinion and advice. Look at the before and after photos and do your homework. After all Dr. Roche wants you to be happy.

My plastic surgery changed my life. I no longer constantly worried about my breasts. They became apart of me. It was as if a tremendous weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I could take all the time I had wasted on feeling inadequate about my breast to using that time on more productive things such as becoming a successful broadcaster and enjoying life! Thank you Dr. Roche and staff with sincerity and warm wishes to you The Breast Ring Announcer in Boxing!”

– The Lady of the Ring, Amy Hayes, Formerly of Fox Sports Nets “Sunday Night Fights” Series – ESPN – Showtime – Pay Per view*