Who is a Good Candidate for a Facelift?

As advancements in aesthetic surgery progress, the procedure continues to be worthwhile for more and more people. Elective plastic surgery is no longer for movie stars and socialites alone. The price and recovery times are no longer exorbitant and have reached levels that put facelifts and similar procedures within the realm of possibility for many. There are certain instances when a facelift may be more appropriate than others. Sagging in the eyelid area and chin areas are often unsightly and often the first aspects of aging that people wish to alter. Facelifts that are subtle and create a more rested and younger look are usually more attractive than those that create an unnaturally tight appearance.

If you are in relatively good health, plastic surgery, including a facelift, is a medical procedure from which recovery is generally straightforward. There is anesthesia involved with this operation and that should definitely be taken into account. Facelifts are great for people who are in general good health and are not looking for major adjustments to their appearance. However, it is also possible to undergo an additional procedure at the same time, such as rhinoplasty when having a facelift. Chin implants are another additional procedure that can be taken care of simultaneously with this procedure. These types of enhancements are increasingly popular with people as they grow older and wish to reclaim a more youthful appearance.

Facelifts, while now a somewhat routine procedure, are still a major medical undertaking. Be sure to have a very thorough consultation with your doctor prior to scheduling anything. Your plastic surgeon can go over the medical implications and safeguards with you and inform you of any possible complications. During this consultation your surgeon will also discuss the desired outcomes of the surgery and what you want to look like post facelift. They will also instruct you on the post-operation expectations and the care you will require.

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