What Is Sun Damage Melasma? What Are The Treatment Options?

Types of Melasma

There are four different types Sun Damage Melasma. The four types of Melasma are epidermal, mixed, dermal, one type is unnamed, and it is mostly found in the dark complexed people.

  • Epidermal- This type of is noticed because it has excess melanin found in the superficial skin layer.
  • Derma- This type of is identified by the presence of melanophages that is found in the dermis
  • Mixed- A type of Melasma that contains both the epidermal and the dermal type.
  • Excess melanocytes are mainly found in individuals who have a darker complexion compared to people with a lighter complexion.

Symptoms of Sun- Damage Melasma

  • Melasma is very systematical, and it is seen on both sides of the face.
  • Melasma responds differently to various tropical medications.
  • When heated by the sun heat or humidity, Melasma becomes worse, but these are not the main causes of Melasma.
  • Melasma causes brown patches on the face especially the forehead, cheeks, upper lip and on the cheeks.


At the office of Dr. Gregory Roche, we off a variety of treatment options for sun damage Melasma. Below are just a few types of treatments we offer:

Forever Young BBL- Clear, smooth, younger-looking skin with improvement of skin laxity, uneven skin texture and pigmented lesions (such as Melasma).

Active FX- Removes fine lines, wrinkles, spider veins and skin discoloration

Total FX- Improves fine lines, wrinkles, scars, texture and pigmentation all at once

It’s important to talk to your doctor to discuss which treatment option is suited to you and your needs.

If you’re interested in getting a treatment done for sun damage melasma, contact the team at Dr. Gregory Roche today. We can help you with any cosmetic surgery needs, from Botox to breast implants, we are dedicated to making women look and feel their best.