G-Shot- How It Can Help Female Sexual Dysfunction

What Causes Female Sexual Dysfunction?

There are many factors that can contribute to female sexual dysfunction such as physical and psychological causes.

Many physical and medical conditions can have an impact on sexual function, these conditions can vary from diabetes to hormone imbalances to chronic disease. Sometimes, the side effects are some medications, like antidepressants, can also have a negative impact on sexual function.

As for psychological causes, these can vary from stress, anxiety, concerns about sexual performance, relationship problems, depression, feelings of guilt and much more.

What Can Be Done?

A treatment called the G-Shot can help many women who experience sexual dysfunction. You may be wondering what a G-Shot is and how it works. This painless procedure with reported benefits that include:

  • Decrease of pain during intercourse
  • Stronger orgasms
  • Decreased or resolved urinary incontinence
  • Increase of natural lubrication
  • Increased sensitivity leading to greater sexual desire

If you’re experiencing issues with sexual dysfunction, contact the office of Dr. Gregory C. Roche today. We are committed to helping women feel their ultimate best. From hormone replacement therapy to breast augmentations to the Brazilian butt lift procedure, we are dedicated to woman’s health, wellness, and beauty.