Are You a Good Candidate for Hormone Replacement Therapy?

HRT and Age

Hormone replacement therapy is best suited for women under the age of 60 who have recently begun menopause. In fact, if you meet these criteria, then HRT can have many benefits including bone loss prevention from osteoarthritis, and reduced risk of heart and brain issues.

Severity of Menopausal Symptoms

One of the main reasons to use HRT is to ease the discomfort of the symptoms of menopause. If your symptoms are minor or you are not experiencing any symptoms, then there is no need to undergo HRT. However, if you are uncomfortable, and meet the other recommended criteria, then it may be right for you.

Health and HRT

If you experience health conditions such as blood clots, stroke, heart conditions, or breast cancer, it is best not to take hormone replacement therapy. It is also not advised for smokers as it can increase the risk of blood clots and other health issues. However, if you are relatively healthy, then you are a good candidate for HRT.

The Risks of Hormone Replacement Therapy

While there are benefits to HRT, especially for those under 60 and in good health, there still is some risk involved. Because it involves increased levels of estrogen and progestin, the risk of a stroke, breast cancer, and deep-vein thrombosis are increased. However, under the care of an experienced physician, it still may be the best option.

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