Feel Good Anti-Aging Therapy

As we age, many of us get fatigued easier, we gain weight, our bodies respond slower to healing, our hair and nails start to thin, and we become more susceptible to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and elevated cholesterol. We even begin to think less clearly than we did a decade ago.

Hormone Replacement Therapy, or HRT, can help many, or all, of these symptoms or effects of the aging process. HRT allows our patients to look and feel better and it slows, or in some cases reverses, the aging process with natural “Feel Good” therapy.

While that may sound complicated, the essence of the program is pretty simple. As we age, the body slows the production of hormones that allow for growth and healing. That lack of these hormones slows both. The older you get, the more they slow down. These hormones are directly linked to energy, stamina, strength, and endurance. They are also associated with the body’s ability to fight diseases like cancer, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, and a list of others.

Our therapy establishes how much of each of the key hormones your body produces and whether or not your body is producing enough of each hormone to allow you to live life to its fullest. If your body is deficient in any of these key hormones, we prescribe naturally derived replacement hormones to bring those levels up to optimum levels. There are virtually no side effects, especially when compared to other types of synthetic hormones.

Many people ask me when this “slowdown” starts.  Certainly most people who would be considered middle-aged would benefit from HRT therapy since our hormone levels are usually at their peak levels in our 20’s. A simple blood test can show us where your current hormone levels are.

As a physician for more than thirty years, I’ve been subject to hundreds of products suggesting anti-aging success. I’m so passionate about this process that I’ve used this same therapy myself for over a decade. As I alluded to earlier, the slowdown of the body’s production of essential chemicals can start relatively early in life. My son, who is in his 20’s, has started this as well and has seen a transformation in his lean muscle growth, as well as, an increased quality of life. This “fountain of youth” is FDA approved and has virtually no side effects – again this is unlike almost every other form of “anti-aging therapy” that I’ve found.

Getting started is simple, simply call and schedule one of our complimentary consultations.

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