5 Facts About Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy

Slows Down Progression of Heart Disease

HGH has shown signs of slowing down the progression of heart disease and reduces the risk of death from the disease. Evidence shows that maintaining healthy growth hormone levels can result in a stronger heart.

Better Fracture Healing

Administering HGH has been shown to not only strengthen bones but also speed up the bone regeneration process. Research has also shown that HGH can improve the healing of injuries and wounds considerably.

Reverse Cognitive Decline

Treatment with HGH has the possibility to improve cognitive function including learning and memory. It suggested that HGH may be useful in treating patients with cognitive impairment that is due to a deficiency in the growth hormone.

Increase Muscle Mass

As we age, we lose muscle mass and HGH Therapy can help restore that. Injecting HGH can help increase muscle mass, decrease fat, and improve exercise capacity.

Improved Sleep

Because HGH is created in the pituitary gland, sleep deprivation can alter the function of the gland reducing the release of HGH. A good night’s sleep is essential to feeling refreshed, with HGH Therapy you can say goodbye to those restless nights. When you have the correct amount of HGH in your body, you may find that it’ll be easier to regulate your sleep patterns and feel more rested when you awake.

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