3 Facts About Hormone Therapy

Risks vs Benefits

A 2002 study found that post menopausal women who received HRT were at a slightly increased risk for developing breast tumors. The study shows that the risk of breast cancer is elevated by a small percentage for women who receive HRT. Knowing this, clinicians who provide the treatment advise their patients on ways they can elevate their immune systems and mitigate the risk. According to Dr. Lauren Streicher, 80% of the women who develop breast cancer have not taken hormone therapy.

A Valuable Treatment for Heart Disease and Lung Disorders

Many clinical studies have concluded that the benefits of HRT are significant enough for certain patients. The therapy can improve heart and lung function as well as muscle tone. For patients who have troubles in these areas, there is benefit from undergoing the therapy. Because cardiovascular and heart disease rank high among the nation’s biggest killers, researchers believe HRT has a major role to fill- especially considering the fact that post-menopausal women, and those developing cardiovascular ailments share a common age range.

Natural and bio-identical hormone options

Traditional hormone therapy can be made even more effective by using hormones that mimic or replace the natural hormones- according to the Mayo Clinic. According to Dr. Shannon K. Laughlin-Tommaso, certain traditional hormone related interventions may contain natural estrogen and plant based progesterone. Certain types of bio-identical medications might be similar to other traditional therapies.

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