Why Does the Body Produce Less HGH as We Get Older?

So why do our bodies produce less HGH as we age? Think of your body as a car. When you first get it everything works perfectly, you can get 25 miles to the gallon and you have no trouble with anything. As the car ages, things get to be out of date, things start to break down and suddenly 25 miles to the gallon is 20 then 15 then even less. As our bodies age, they begin to become less effective in creating the hormones and other compounds that we need to keep our bodies going.

As the level of HGH drops in our bloodstream, there is less and less of it to help restore the body. What is lost now is likely to stay lost as opposed to being regenerated or restored with the help of HGH as it would have been in our youth. This is not the end however, there are now more replacement therapies than ever before that can help restore levels of HGH in the body through the use of artificial HGH.

Though most HGH is needed during the childhood and early adulthood as we grow, we still need this vital hormone as we get into our older years. There is little research to determine if HGH is needed to help keep the body from aging but some doctors believe that it is necessary. There are now some therapies you can take to replace HGH in the blood as well as replacing other hormones that our bodies naturally produce less of as we age.

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