What Is Fat Grafting?

The Procedure

There are four basic steps to performing fat grafting.

  • First, the surgeons identify the areas with excess fat known as donor sites. These include the lower abdomen, hip, lower back (buttocks) and the inner or outer thighs. They apply local anesthesia or use IV sedation depending on the type of surgery.
  • Then they extract it by liposuction (using MicroLipo, VASER Liposuction) or harvest it using thin cannulas and other appropriate technologies.
  • They decant, process, and purify the adipose tissue in a special centrifuge.
  • The final step is re-injection into the desired areas, referred to as recipient sites


The applications include facial reconstruction and facelifts employ. It does so for individuals with scars from acne and burns. It is an anti-aging solution for people with wrinkles, eye bags, and sunken cheeks. It can remedy the effects of diseases such as hemifacial atrophy that reduce the facial volume or any facial and bodily depressions.

Breast augmentation is another frequent reason to get fat transfer surgery. It delivers a modest increase in breast size. It enables breast reconstruction for deformities and depressions. It also optimizes breast shape after breast implant procedure irregularities. Buttock augmentation, sculpting, and contouring and hand rejuvenation are other areas where surgeons apply the fat transfer technique. It rejuvenates, contours, and enhances features.


This procedure is considered natural and marginally invasive. The body is well able to tolerate it because of the use of autologous fat (your body fat) thus reducing chances of the body rejecting it. As mentioned above, it has replaced the use of synthetic dermal fillers thus significantly decreasing the possibility of allergic reaction. The results are also quite agreeable because they look natural. It is safer and last longer than other alternatives hence making it more economical. The surgery is relatively straightforward, and healing process is fast thus minimizing downtime.

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