Is There Any Way to Maintain High HGH Levels as We Age?

As we age, our bodies change in incredible ways. From the strands of your hair turning grey to fitness becoming more of a struggle, age can change your body in amazing ways. After 30, your human growth hormone levels, or HGH, start to drop drastically. Many want to maintain and up their HGH levels because it can help curb the effects of aging such as weaker muscles, more difficulty with weight loss, and lowered energy. Higher, maintained levels of the human growth hormone can help when it comes to improving health and fitness of the body after the age of 30. There are a few ways out there to help with HGH levels that are both natural and medically based.

Exercise and Diet

Many ailments can be improved with the proper diet and workout plan. The human growth hormone can be released during high-intensity interval workouts. With bursts of intense workouts for about 30 seconds followed by an active rest will encourage your HGH levels to increase. When it comes to diet, it’s the same as it is with any other body maintenance diets. It’s essential to avoid sugary foods and try to eat smaller meals throughout the day to maintain the right blood sugar levels as high blood sugar inhibits HGH from being formed or released.

Oral Supplements

There are more than enough of HGH boosting supplements on the market currently. These supplements promise to increase the HGH levels in your body, naturally, so you can feel like your younger self again. Most of them can be readily purchased without a prescription from your local vitamin retailer.


An increasingly more effective and popular way to increase your HGH levels is through prescription injections administered by your doctor. The injections are legal in the United States and have a plethora of success stories and are considered to have minimal to no side effects. The injections help to speed up the healing process, improve energy naturally, and boost stamina. As this is a prescription injection, you should consult your doctor first.

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