Difference Between Brow Lift and Eyelid lift

Brow Lift

A brow lift focuses on improving frown and wrinkle lines in areas of the face at and above the eyes. It is also known as a forehead lift because the most noticeable change is a reduction of horizontal lines creasing the forehead. The forehead is also the first place on the face that shows signs of aging. This procedure reduces the lines between the eyes and at the bridge of the nose. Creases between the eyebrows and hooded eyebrows that sag above the upper eyelids improve and assume a more youthful appearance.

Eyelid Lift

Both the upper and lower lids can be altered as well as the orbits of the eye between the brow bone and the cheek bone. The upper eyelid lift focuses on improving the appearance of lines and extra skin of the eyelids and areas of the face in close proximity. Folds of skin that sag or droop beyond the natural lines of the contour of the eyelids is removed. The lower eyelid lift decreases the puffy appearances caused by fatty deposits, permanent bags, drooping that exposes a significant portion of the eye beyond the iris, and fine lines and excess skin. While both procedures seem to be cosmetic in nature, the eyelid lift does have practical application and can improve the functionality of the eyelids and the areas surrounding the eyes.

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