Can You Tattoo Over a Laser Removed Tattoo?

Eventually, you will decide to remedy that mistake. After much thought and consideration, you pony-up the cash you saved up to have the tattoo removed with a laser. Which, by the way, is the newest and best way to have a tattoo removed!

Now you’re worried whether or not you’ve done something that you’ll regret the rest of your life, because hey, you still want a tattoo in that spot some day. Just not the tattoo you messed up and got at first.

Fear not for your worry isn’t necessary.

It is perfectly fine for you to get a brand new tattoo in the same spot where a previous tattoo was removed with a laser. The thing is, when you had that tattoo removed, the laser broke down the pigments and eventually left you with a clean canvas to paint on again.

If the previous removal was done right, you should have had little to no scarring. After you followed the recommendations of the specialist, the area should have healed up nicely and without complications.

Even if there was some minor scarring, a professional tattoo artist will know the proper way to apply a new tattoo in that area.

So, the process of getting a new tattoo has already been taken care of:

  • Get the old tattoo removed with a laser
  • Let the removal area heal completely

The final hurdle is to make sure you get a tattoo this time that you want to keep!

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