3 Facts About Eyebrow Microblading

Interested in not filling in your brows every day? Here’s what you should know: 

  1. Does it hurt? Depending on each person’s tolerance, the process is pretty bearable. Those with sensitive skin may find the procedure to be a bit uncomfortable, but a numbing agent is applied prior to the procedure for your comfort.
  2. How does it work? Your eyebrow artist from Dr. Gregory Roche’s office will work with you to determine the best shape, color and texture of your new eyebrows. They will then numb your brows and make tiny, hair-like cuts into the skin, giving the illusion of naturally fuller eyebrows. The pigment is bladed just below the epidermis and the most shallow part of the dermis, making extremely fine hair strokes.
  3. How permanent is “permanent”? You’ll need a touchup four-six weeks after the initial application, but it is included with your first payment. After that, touchups are recommended as needed, as it varies person to person. Some people need touchups within six months, others after a year or two.

To learn more about the microblading process and to see what our brow artists can do for your face, contact Dr. Gregory Roche’s office today for your consultation!