Who Can Benefit From A Breast Lift?

After a Significant Weight Loss

Most women who lose weight whether naturally through exercise and proper diet or through bariatric surgery will opt for a breast lift to feel more confident. Why are breasts affected by weight loss? Breasts are mainly composed of fat and if you lose weight they start to sag and flatten. There is excess skin that has to be removed so the breasts can stop sagging and look perky and full.

Post Pregnancy

Many women anticipate and embrace the body changes during pregnancy but they do not anticipate the permanent changes after they deliver. During pregnancy, your body is preparing to nurture another human being and hence it will increase the production of estrogen and progesterone, both hormones stimulate milk production. These hormones and increase in milk volume can make your breasts larger and can permanently stretch the skin. Many women are left with sagging breasts and stretched out areolas which negatively affects their confidence. If you are finished having children, you can get a breast lift to make them perky and fuller.

Older Women

Age and gravity are not that friendly to breasts. They can cause them to sag. Many older women who want a youthful appearance are opting for breast lifts to boost their confidence. However, for a woman over the age of 50 to undergo the surgery, they should be healthy and not have medical conditions.