Who are Good Candidates for Lip Injections?

Many women are good candidates for lip injections, but getting complete information about their physical and mental health as well as expectations, are crucial for a successful outcome.

You’re a Good Candidate if:

  • You have naturally thin lips. As people age, many will start to notice the thinning of their lips. Lip fillers are ideal for those who have naturally thin lips or lips that have gotten smaller out over time.
  • You’re healthy enough to do so. Any health concerns should be discussed with your health care provider if you are taking medication or have allergies.
  • You’re aware of the options available. With so many options to choose from in the world of lip injections, make sure you and your doctor customize the process and the content of the filler to fit your requirements.
  • You know what to expect. Your medical practitioner should address or show you before and after pictures of previous patients. What you anticipate, the cost, how long the treatment will last and what are the potential side effects should also be part of the conversation.

On average, the method takes under an hour to complete and the results can last six to seven months, depending on the type of cosmetic plan you choose. Any symptoms associated with the technique are usually minor and include swelling, redness, and a bit of discomfort for a short period of time. After an application of ice and taking it easy with strenuous activities. All signs of the injection will wane after several days.

Overall, lip injections can make a difference in a women’s appearance, making her lips voluptuously inviting. If you’re looking for professional lip augmentations and would like a consultation with a professional, contact Dr. Gregory C. Roche today. From botox to breast augmentation, we are dedicated to woman’s health, wellness, and beauty.