When Can I Sit After Receiving The Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?

Recovery After the Procedure

It is advised not to sit directly on a chair with your buttocks for about five to eight weeks after the procedure. Instead, it is recommended that you sleep on your sides or the stomach for this period. If you have to sit down, you should use a donut pillow or an inflatable pillow. When you place the pillow behind the legs, you will avoid pressure on the fat graft as you will be raising your buttocks above the hard surface.

Essentially, by not sitting, you will ensure the success of the procedure, and you will maintain good results in the long run. Sitting on your buttocks affects the blood circulation due to accumulated pressure which can destroy the fat that was transferred to the area.

On average about 30-40 percent of the fat transferred does not survive regardless of whether you follow the above safety measures. However, if you ignore the measures, the problem will be aggravated, and the procedure will be unsuccessful.

After about eight weeks of recovery, you should continue sitting on the cushion and also avoid sitting for too long for the first few months. Moreover, you should avoid sleeping on the back for about two months after having the procedure.

Other Activities to Avoid

Avoid high impact activities after the surgery especially those that involve bouncing such as jumping. However, you can walk and do other light activities even in the first eight weeks after the surgery. After this period, you may resume more vigorous activities such as running and jogging since the fat will be stable and can withstand fat burning activities.

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