Reasons Why You May Need To Replace Your Breast Implants

Adjusting the Size of Your Breasts

You might want larger or smaller breasts after childbirth or due to weight gain or loss. In this case, you don’t have to wait for the ten-year warranty to expire, provided you have the required cash. With time, you can change your opinion regarding your preferred breast size. In such cases, you are free to have new implants.

To Replace Ruptured or Deflated Implants

For saline implants, a fold can develop at a particular spot on the implants which might be broken with time by the constant back and forth movements. Fortunately, research has shown that your implants will not deflate due to the fold for at least seven years. Also, the likelihood of your implant deflating due to a fold decrease over time. If you have silicone implants, a rupture can occur, exposing your body to the silicone gel. In such scenarios, you should get new implants to prevent harmful side effects.

To Correct Breast Deformity

After sometimes, you might notice shape issues and asymmetrical breast sizes after pregnancy or weight loss. This irregular shape and size can also result from implant displacement, wrong implant selection, and improper pocket creation. To restore your confidence, you should seek the help of a professional surgeon who will install new implants.

You are not obliged to get new breast implants after every ten years, but rather you should get them on a need basis. If you are comfortable with your current implants, you should stick to them for the longest period possible.

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