How Your Body Might React After a Breast Augmentation

After many months of research and eventually scheduling your breast augmentation with Dr. Roche, the day of your surgery is quickly approaching! As with any surgical procedure, preparation for after your breast augmentation is very important. It’s important to note that you will experience soreness and discomfort shortly after the procedure, but it is all part of the healing process. During this time, it’s also extremely common to not immediately see the results you were expecting. Despite how your post-surgery body immediately looks, rest assured that Dr. Roche took great care of you and your results will be enviable!

Common ways your body reacts to a breast augmentation

Pain – It’s only natural for your body to be in some amount of pain after a surgical procedure, and a breast augmentation is no different! Expect soreness for around a week or so (everyone heals differently!).

Swelling – When you receive breast implants, your body recognizes that there’s a foreign object (the implants) that it has to become used to. Overly firm breasts after surgery simply mean that there’s swelling, and you’ll be able to see how your new breasts look when the swelling starts to go down.

Scarring – The thought of a scar often scares patients, however a proficient surgeon is typically able to successfully hide the incision. Depending on your procedure, they can make an incision around the areola, armpit or other innocuous places so your scar isn’t visible to others, or even you!

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