How To Reduce Scarring For Your Breast Augmentation

As with most invasive surgeries, this procedure might leave scars; however, there are some precautions women can take to reduce their appearance.

These actions can include:

  • Discussing with the plastic surgeon the specific details such as the types of implants, where the incisions will be made and their expectations.

In addition, the doctor will be able to counsel them on effective measures for speeding up the healing process.

  • Adopting a healthy diet weeks before the breast augmentation is scheduled. -this means adding more vegetables and fruit, while avoiding smoking and alcoholic beverages. Following a wellness plan will lower the risk of swelling and pain, which can irritate the augmentation scars.
  • Taking vitamins known for healing propensities such as C and E. In fact, it is suggested that vitamin E could be instrumental in using as a topical solution for lightening up scar tissue.
  • Massaging ointments, creams and gels with Allium cepa (onion extract) or zinc oxide in them such as Provamed, Mederma, Desitin and Murad Recovery Treatment Gel can reduce skin inflammation and help develop collagen.
  • Using sunscreen on the affected area with an SPF of 35 and higher will keep the rays from darkening the scars and resulting in slowing down the body’s restoration efforts.

These are just a few ways women can reduce scarring from breast augmentation surgery.

Overall, the most important matter is choosing the right surgeon, when this happens, everything else will fall into place. The physician will be able to discuss with the patient on how they need to prepare – before, during and after the surgery is completed. For any individual, who is planning to get breast augmentation, do not be afraid to ask lots of questions and diligently research, so you can feel comfortable with your final decision.

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