Facial Procedures

"Can't wait to go back in 4 weeks. Dr. Roche and the staff were so profesional and HONEST when helping me figure out what procedures would best suit my needs ( considering I can't afford any down time). I can take years off on my lunch break."

Loyal, Longtime Patient

"My first visit to see the doctor was amazing. I was comfortable and I was very pleased with the plan he made up. I had a traumatic horrific accident that has left my body looking absolutely deformed. It has left me feeling depressed and hopeless. Within the 45 minutes I spent with Dr. Roche and his beautiful assistant made me feel so much better! And when I see a glimpse of hope she'd on my situation it means the world to me. I believe in my heart Jesus led me to his office and into their hands to make me feel normal again. I believe he led me to them to be the person I was meant to stay and be. His assistant was soft,sweet and kind and made me feel comfortable even though I know I look hideous. And Dr. Roche didn't seem intimidated whatsoever by the many procedures he has to do to me to get me into the best I can look. I had the opportunity to meet his wife too and she was very sweet as well. I am beyond excited for him to work on me and I give th eir office 5 stars for the way they treated me and how comfortable I was and for the way he told me exactly what was going to be done and how easy it seemed to him to fix. Plus he is beyond experienced."


"Fantastic Doctor! I am a 44 year old woman. As a young adult I had gone away to college at Arizona State. I was always in the sun! As I got older, my skin began to look weathered. My eyes were always making me look tired and I had began to develop dark sun spots and had an uneven tone. After raising my 3 children I had decided it was my turn to spoil myself a bit and feel better about my looks. I had gone in to see Dr. Roche and he had recommended I get a face lift with the laser and fat transfer. I immediately trusted this doctor, he was very educated an made me comfortable. The staff was a lot of fun and helped answer all of my questions before and after surgery. I could not be happier with my results! My skin tone has improved and I look refreshed! I am exceptionally pleased! I would highly recommend Dr. Roche to anyone looking to feel good about themselves and considering cosmetic surgery."

– PL

"Thank you all so much for making my dream a reality. I can't believe it took me so long to enhance my appearance and give me the confidence I deserve. I feel more beautiful inside and out thanks to all of your help. You are all wonderful and appreciated."

– Jennifer

"If you are cruising through Dr. Roche’s website, you are most likely curious about the process of surgical procedures to affect physical change. I was curious after hearing about Dr. Roche on Magic 105.1. I scheduled an appointment to see what, if anything, could be done to eradicate the ravages of time, bad habits, acne scarring and incessant tanning. It was so bad that I habitually spoke to others with my head down or continually looked away. The word “face” made me cringe. My discovery was that there was much that could be done to eradicate these problems.all at once. It has been just shy of two months since my “facial event” and the change is absolutely unbelievable. I have my original face back without the glaring signs of damage. Bonus? I now have younger looking skin and incredible self-confidence. I have the utmost respect and admiration for the surgical and artistic skill of Dr. Roche. Where I once detested the statement to put your best face forward, I now embrace it.
I knew that it was important to be realistic with my post surgery expectations. Of course, I knew there were risks involved, but then, my bad habits were an even greater risk to my overall well-being. Assessment of the amount of time, energy and money spent on my bad habits and the resultant medical problems, purchases of cosmetics to temporarily cover the obvious flaws, and finally just avoiding people and social events because of insecurity, yielded a decision to spend a sustainable investment in me. I am thoroughly satisfied with the results.
Dr. Roche and his hand picked staff are an incredible group of experienced, specialized, caring individuals who place every emphasis on physical and mental welfare, as well as pre and continued post patient care.
Excellence expected, “experienced” excellence received."

– Jan

"I still cannot believe how wonderful the Rhinoplasty and Blepharoplasty came out. Thank you for the great care and the superb surgery… I experienced no pain whatsoever."

– Thomas V.

"It felt fantastic not to worry about a “five o’clock shadow” for the first time in my life. Thanks from the bottom of my heart."

– Michelle N.

"Thanks again for my new chin. It has changed by life."

– Barb

"Thanks from all the Laimbeer family for a job well done. I will definitely call on your services if ever I run into a stray “elbow.”

– Bill Laimbeer, Detroit Pistons Forward

"Thank you so much for my beautiful nose! I am so pleased with the results and have had very favorable comments and reactions. You’ve changed my life!"

 – Jessica

"I am a former Emergency Room physician so I am used to working with surgeons. I chose Dr. Roche to do my facial surgery for several reasons. One was that he has Specialty Boards not only in Plastics & Cosmetic Surgery, but also in Ear, Nose, & Throat, an affirmation that he knows the “territory” inside & out, from the bones on up. A second reason was that I became aware that he was fixing the hockey players’ faces for them, and I reasoned that if he could make them look like superstars under the lights, he must have a real knack. Third, he has years of experience & that shows when we talk”shop”. At my consultation, he showed me what he could do surgically, recommending an “S-lift” and”fat transfers”. It has worked out beautifully. In Hawaii 2 years ago, I was mistaken for a celebrity & seated immediately on a busy Saturday night at a popular restaurant.
PS: I have since tried Botox at a “Botox Party” and was completely unimpressed, compared to the enduring & natural results of the fat transfers he did in 2007. My advice to anyone would be to save your money & get the fat transfers done."

– E.P.

Breast Enhancement


"I was very clear on what I wanted. Dr. Roche was candid on what was achievable and what was not. I am still healing, but so far the results have far exceeded my expectations. I lived with bad plastic surgery for almost 20 yrs. Dr. Roche corrected it in one day. Wish I would have done this sooner. Office staff is very caring and helpful. Great place."


"Mother of 3 breast fed babies that needed a tune up. I am so happy with my experience. Not only did Dr. Roche exceed my expectations, but through the whole process, his staff was with me for comfort and fun. The girls that run the office are all great. I recommend to anyone that is interested in looking and feeling like a million bucks. Thank you Dr. Roche and staff."

– Anonymous

"I cannot thank your wonderful and supportive staff enough for answering all of my questions, alleviating my fears, and treating me as if they had known me forever and cared about my well-being and peace of mind. From my initial consultation to billing to Tracy wheeling me out after surgery, I was nurtured. My deepest thanks to everyone for literally and figuratively holding my hand each step of the way.
I was extremely impressed with Dr. Roche’s credentials and patient care. His follow-up is excellent. He spent a lot of time talking to me and my husband ahead of time. I know patients don’t always get this level of attention from their physician. I am entirely pleased with the results of Zerona performed on my hips, thighs and butt. Diet and exercise just weren’t working. After the Zerona I went from a size 4 to a size 2 and I won’t be afraid to wear shorts this summer thanks to Zerona I have virtually NO cellulite AMAZING!!!
Dr. Roche also helped me choose just the right size implants for my body. I still don’t recognize myself when I walk past a mirror or even a window I can see myself in, I can only smile with happiness. I can’t believe that’s me! My husband can’t keep his hands off of me!
I have had a couple other minor cosmetic procedures by Dr. Roche, which have been just as successful. The Botox in my forehead have taken years of expression off my face. Even though I am only 32 people guess my age as 25 and that’s just fine by me. And I can’t forget that pesky beauty mark (nothing beautiful about it) right in the center of my forehead literally gone in 60 seconds. I am so thankful I found Dr. Roche (my fountain of youth!)"

– Angel

"I had my surgery just over a week ago and can’t believe how well i am already feeling! this decision was one of the scariest decisions I’ve made for myself, but in the end i am so glad i did it! the staff was absolutely great!!!
sharon, you’ve been so helpful from the beginning in answering all my questions thoroughly and letting me know exactly what was going on and what to expect….your “high, hard and oblong” statement has been very reassuring to me! haha! mary, i don’t remember a thing about what you did to me, so that’s the best!! of course, dr. roche was great…especially when he had to face me and all my tears in pre-op…he was very comforting! and his skills speak for themselves!! but most of all, rhonda my nurse in pre and post op was fantastic!!!! you made me feel so much better and you handled the brunt of all my tears with such comforting, honest and sensitive words.
i’ve worked in health care for 10 years with many, many nurses and i know when i’ve met a good one….but rhonda, you were a GREAT one!! debbie, my memory of you is so blurry after surgery :) but your follow up call was much appreciated.
thank you ALL so much for making this a very positive experience. i will definitely be passing the good word on about dr. roche and his wonderful staff to my many interested friends. THANK YOU!!!"

– Lyn

"Just wanted to drop a quick note telling you how much fun I had at your office! Theresa- you were knowledgeable, professional, and able to adapt to Colleen and mine’s personality (not an easy thing to do!) Sharon- you were sweet and gentle. Tracy- for being calm for me in the operating room and for dealing with my silliness during recovery. Bonnie- for making me feel special and not like patient #576.and of course to Dr. Roche- excellent work!! If you need pictures of the best breast augmentation you have ever done, I’m sure they’re in my file!! See you soon!"

– Stacy, Age: 29, Occupation: Middle School Teacher, Procedure: Breast Augmentation

"This letter is for Dr. Roche and his staff. Thank you so much for taking such good care of my wife Jeannie today. You all made us feel like family. Jeannie is doing fine and is sleeping after eating and taking her meds, you guys really keep your office and rooms real clean, everything was great. Thank you and happy new year and will see ya soon."

– Curt

"My name is Kathleen and I had my breasts enhanced at your facility by the GREAT Dr. Roche. It’s been 4 1/2 months since my surgery and I have more confidence than ever! As you know from my post-op records, I had the fastest recovery with virtually NO PAIN!!! I still can’t believe how simple everything was from the day I registered for surgery. Today, I have no scars at all and have been back to “normal” since about the 3rd week in July. I want to give a HUGE THANKS to everyone on your staff for their roll in making my surgery so smooth. My husband made a spreadsheet for all of my meds and that in itself should tell you how much support I have had. I have recommended Dr. Roche to everyone who is thinking of surgery. Once again, thanks to everyone."

– Kathleen

"I turned 40 and looked at my breasts in the mirror one day and said I am “just going to do it!” When I first went into Dr. Roche’s office, Debbie was really friendly and made me feel so comfortable. She and the staff talked about size, I tried on the “sizers” which gave me an idea of the shape and type I would like. What finally convinced me were the actual photos of myself taken at the Dr.’s office.
The surgery did not hurt; I had what they call “unders” meaning the implants were place “under” the muscle. The results were great. My clothes fit better, I just love my new look. I told my family and a few of my friends. My girlfriends thought I was working out, people in general seem to be making good eye contact too! I recommend breast augmentation and Dr. Roche to my friends."

– Allison Pierce, Age: 41, Occupation: Chiropractor, Procedure: Breast Augmentation

"I always wanted bigger breasts. My husband and I visited other surgeons for consultations but we were not impressed. I kept hearing Dr. Roche’s commercials on WRIF so we decided to make an appointment. It was nice not to have to go to a hospital. I really liked going to Dr. Roche’s office, which was very comfortable.
At the initial consultation both my husband and I got a warm fuzzy feeling from the staff and Dr. Roche. They thoroughly explained the entire procedure, the emotions I would be going through, what to expect, etc. They put my mind at ease because I did not want to look out-of-proportion like a stripper.
The results exceeded my expectations. My breasts look better than I thought they would. I am very happy about how they turned out. My husband and I call them the “Goldilocks Breasts” because they’re not too big, not too soft, they’re just right. They look fantastic and they feel good too.
There were some other benefits to surgery as well. After the procedure I bought all new clothes, got a new car, went to Vegas with my husband and now we have sex every day.
I was so happy with Dr. Roche I made him a batch of chocolate chip cookies and I am planning to come back to see him for a nose job next month."

– Angie Gray, Age: 33, Occupation: Stay at-home-mom, Sunday School Teacher – Likes to play golf, 2 kids (5 & 2), Procedure: Breast Augmentation

"Dr. Roche made me feel very comfortable and he answered all my questions. I really felt as though we were on the same wavelength which made me feel very good about the entire process. My husband was a little nervous at first considering it’s fairly major surgery, but he relaxed after meeting Dr. Roche and said it was my decision. Whatever I wanted was ok with him.
After the surgery everybody said “they” were great and there was no negative response from anybody. I am in proportion now, my clothes fit on the top and the bottom. I feel different too. Before I felt like something was missing from me; now it’s all here and I am very, very happy with the outcome. The best part is that everything went so smoothly."

– Suzette, Procedure: Breast Augmentation

"I heard about Dr. Roche from WRIF, I went online, saw the Valentine special for 10% off and made an appointment. Debbie met with me for an hour and a half, I really had no clue what to expect, so she had me try on the special bra to check sizes. She and Dr Roche answered all of my questions and after that I decided to set the date for the surgery.

I did not feel any discomfort until I got home. It hurt more than I thought. Even the Vicodin did not completely stop the pain. I think it was more of the fact that I was so tiny to start out with and not a reflection on Dr. Roche. But it did not last long anyway.
I was very self-conscious before but I feel better about myself now. I was going to go smaller, but Dr. Roche helped me select the size that was proportionate with my body and I really appreciated his input.
Now three people I know are getting breast augmentation from Dr. Roche; my sister, and two good friends. Hopefully he can give me a discount for all of the referrals I am sending him on the next procedure I want done: Laser stretch mark removal!
When I got back to work it was kind of fun. Everyone knew I was going in for breast augmentation surgery; in fact, they gave me a cake with two little boobs on it. I’d recommend Dr. Roche to anyone."

– Patti Michael, Age: 31, Occupation: Waitress, Procedure: Breast Augmentation

Reviews of Dr Roche and the Bloomfield Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Center - amy-hayes-150x150"I visited Dr. Roche’s office after meeting him through my work at WRIF in Detroit. It was at that time I had finally made the decision to have my small B size implants replaced. I was happy having something there; however it was not what I was after when I had my initial surgery elsewhere about 10 years prior. When I had my first surgery I at least wanted a C cup in order to enjoy swimsuits and better fitting clothing. Having been born with absolutely no breast tissue I was very unhappy. So at the age of 19 I discussed my desire to undergo plastic surgery with my parents who at that time helped me because they saw how much emotional pain it was causing me. Unfortunately with my first surgeon I did not get my small C cups I got a B. I went on to become a very successful model and spokesperson any way (with my b cup) implants. What bothered me most was that I still had to pad and stuff my swimsuits and bra for certain looks. To be honest it was not so much the size but the look that bothered me. I wish that I could have been born with a sexy A or B cup with an attractive shape to my breast but I wasn’t.
After capturing many swimsuit tittles and lucrative playboy layouts among other achievements I felt it was time to go up and add the much needed weight to my cup size I originally desired. My first surgeon before Dr. Roche did not give me realistic expectations although I will say the surgery was very safe. But I was somewhat depressed that I was stuck with a size I did not want. Worse I felt that because the saline implants I had were light they did not add any material to the bottom area of my breast. And the scars were not hidden well.
I consulted with Dr to discuss my options and was excited to learn my wishes could be attained. I was able to look at, feel and try on many implants before surgery. This second surgery (implant replacement) was strictly for me. I had already been successful with lesser breasts in a field where most women think they have to have huge breasts.
Even better I was scheduled for my biggest Playboy feature yet. A celebrity spread featuring me along with an article based on my career as Boxings First Female Ring Announcer! You can see the results obtained through Dr Roche’s office in the March 2002 issue of Playboy in my pictorial “The lady Of the Rings” We decided before the shoot that I would unveil my new breasts in this pictorial. They looked great and added to my confidence and excitement. Most people didn’t even realize I had a second surgery which is good. You want to look better or at least project such a powerful aura that people will simply wonder “what did you do? You look better but I’m not sure why” Obviously some people caught on right away but you would be surprised at how many just thought I looked great and looked happy!
Because of Dr. Roche and his staff I was able to go from a B cup to a D cup and I was very pleased with the results. After a couple of years the implants actually looked better. Softer and fuller too! At first I wore a 34 D and I now where a 36 D after they relaxed and settled in.
My time spent at his office working with he and his staff was extremely comfortable and I would go back for future work. In fact I am considering implant replacement again with Silicone gel implants to work on the feel and look of the breasts. Now that I am past my twenties and modeling is no longer my primary career. I think it is time to work on other areas that are for me! I would like to work with Dr. Roche on liposculpture to finally rid myself of problem areas that are stubborn and that can be alleviated by his procedures.
Why Not! I am still young and in my prime I want to enjoy my life to the fullest. This is all about me and how I can best project a happy healthy realistic image.
My implant replacement through Dr Roche’s office was less painful the second time around. I was fortunate to not have any bruising or complications at all. On the day of my surgery Bonnie was there and stopped in to see how I was doing. She was kind enough to reassure me that I would be fine and held my hand for a moment. Once we got started I felt fine. The surgical staff treated me with kindness and respect but was very serious that I had followed my pre operative instructions for my own safety. (Thank you, I appreciate that!) I was ready to go home almost immediately after surgery and recovered quickly. In fact, I appeared at the Detroit Autorama to sign autographs for three days! The very next week
I look forward to more opportunities to enhance myself safely with Dr. Roche. As I mentioned I already have plans in mind.
To all future candidates and future patients’ enjoy your experience with Dr. Roche and make sure you are very clear on what you like and don’t like. He is there to help and is more then happy to offer his opinion and advice. Look at the before and after photos and do your homework. After all Dr. Roche wants you to be happy.
My plastic surgery changed my life. I no longer constantly worried about my breasts. They became apart of me. It was as if a tremendous weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I could take all the time I had wasted on feeling inadequate about my breast to using that time on more productive things such as becoming a successful broadcaster and enjoying life! Thank you Dr. Roche and staff with sincerity and warm wishes to you The Breast Ring Announcer in Boxing!"

– The Lady of the Ring, Amy Hayes, Formerly of Fox Sports Nets “Sunday Night Fights” Series – ESPN – Showtime – Pay Per view

Body Contouring

"Great experience at Dr. Roche office. I received 11 Zerona treatments and lost 91/2 inches and 11 lbs. I am very impressed with the Zerona. The staff was great and always accommodating. I will go back to Dr. Roche office again for any cosmetic procedures! "

Samantha B                                        

"I would highly recommend the Roche Team! I have had a great experience all the way around with the Team. It's so easy to talk to them all about your personal things, especially things that could be embarrassing for some. I'm so excited about the recent results from my procedure. I'm really starting to feel so good, I've dropped pant sizes and I just got rid of 8 pairs of dress pants that I was wearing prior to the surgery and now I'm in all the smaller sizes I previously had bought, it's crazy!! This is just the results after 30 days, can't way to see the final results at the end of 3 months!"

– Anonymous

"I have completed the Zerona and I have lost so many inches after one session. Very happy with the results so far!!"

– Anonymous

"I couldn't be more pleased with the doctor and staff! Informative, passionate, supportive and dedicated are only a few positive words I have for them before, during and after the procedures they stand behind. I've used them for Zerona last year, and have had several more tweets done this year. I give them five stars! "

– Anonymous

"I live in a northern suburb of Chicago. I first visited another surgeon who was on Oprah. They had an Espresso maker in the lobby, marble everywhere, it was very high end but a little too cold and impersonal for me. Then a girlfriend told me about Dr. Roche in Bloomfield Hills. What a difference. The entire atmosphere in the office was great; Debbie, Bonnie, Dr. Roche everybody was so nice and friendly. They really took time to talk to me and answered all of my questions.
There are some other reasons I came to Michigan to have my surgery, the cost was about half as much as the Chicago surgeon and the consultation was free compared to the $100 charge for a consultation in Chicago.
I’ve wanted a smaller waist since I was 14 and I wanted more of an accent on my jaw line and to eliminate the problems around my eyes.
I had lipo on my stomach, a blepharoplasty, and a chin lift, or small face lift. During my consultation with Dr. Roche he discovered the dark circles under my eyes were really fat deposits and they could be removed. He suggested that if I do the upper eyelids that I should do the lower as well. There was no pressure; unlike other doctors in Chicago who wanted me to make a decision right away, Dr. Roche let me take my time to decide. The actual procedure took about 4 hours and cost $8,450. I thought it was a good price. I had a prescription for Vicodin and did not even need it. I attribute the fact I had very little pain to Dr. Roche. I was back to work in a week and nobody knew.
I only told my husband about the lipo and that I had some minor work on my eyes. He never noticed anything else. A couple ladies in my office said I looked great and must be getting enough rest.
I never had low self-esteem, but I feel even better about myself now. The lipo allowed me to wear things that actually fit me. I don’t have to wear bulky shirts anymore. The only downside was having to buy a new wardrobe, if you call that a problem!"

– Shannon

"It’s interesting that I got this email from you because I was just thinking about sending the following message to you and Dr. Roche.
First of all and most importantly, I can’t thank you enough for your sincere and wonderful care that you gave to both me and Pamela after the surgery and during the episode that Pamela had in the waiting room. Obviously Pamela was very scared with what was happening to her and I was very scared too. Sure the pain was pretty intense after my procedure but I was more worried about her. Your professional assistance to Pamela and me was very comforting to both of us. I could really sense the sincerity of your actions and we both really appreciate everything that you did for us. Dr Roche is a very lucky guy to have you on his staff!
I really need to express how happy I am relative to my procedure. I have lived with and have been very self conscious about my gynecomastia since I was a teenager. I have wanted to get my breasts corrected for many years and I finally made the decision to do it. This has got to be one of the best decisions of my life! I am so happy with the results and can’t believe that I will no longer have to worry about what to wear to help hide my condition. I won’t have to worry about how I look without my shirt on anymore either. This is such a wonderful and liberating feeling! Thanks for not only exceeding my expectations on the results of the procedure but also for exceeding my expectations on how wonderful I feel!"

Active FX

"I just had to send you this email to tell you how excited and grateful I am that you introduced me to Active FX!!! This is the most amazing skincare treatment ever invented. I have suffered for years with acne scars, uneven skin tone and had a few wrinkles. I thought there was no hope to ever loose these life maps of stresses on my face. I just turned 40 on May the 10th and had Active FX Laser resurfacing on May the 12th. It is now May 16th. Active FX in 5 days it has turned back the clock on my skin 12 years. My skin is so much firmer, more even and smooth, and it has a youthful glow that I never thought I would ever have again. The acne scars although not gone, they are greatly improved.

Dr. Roche and Active FX came into my life when I needed it the most and it’s an answer to so so many prayers. Thank you for restoring the self esteem that was diminishing with age and acne. It’s amazing how God works and puts people in our paths when we need them the most.
In my line of work I meet a lot of housewives and working 30 to 65 year old women. Not only will they notice what a difference it made with skin, but they will be wanting to give the treatment themselves. I already have two of my clients asking where they can get it.
For me 40 is not the new 30! 40 is my 28!"

– Jeanette

"It has been exactly 3 months since I had the Active FX laser treatment on my face. I just had to write to let you know how much “younger” I look! Since I am 57 years old and have spent lots of time in the sun with sports etc and of course just plain “getting older”….I hated the appearance of my skin on my face. I had many brown spots from aging and I was always trying to cover them up. My face looks flawless now!! I feel like you have taken 10-15 years off my appearance. I can not begin to tell you how many people have commented on how nice and young I look.
Yesterday a friend of mine told me I looked fantastic and wanted to know who did my “face lift”??? I asked her what she was talking about and said I never had a face lift. She said well, one of my other friends had told her. “Jane must have had a face lift, she really looks good!”….I called her and asked her why she thought I had a face lift and she said…”Well, you face looks so good and you look fantastic!” I just figured you must have had something like that done. Before we hung up she said she was coming over to look at me and was surprised to see how good my face looked but that I didn’t have any scars from the face lift. I finally convinced her I did NOT have a face lift but naturally, I didn’t tell her what I had really done either. I am so glad I did the Active FX and you really must have done a great job for all my friends to be talking!
Your staff was really great and made me feel right at home. Everyone was so nice and they called me to check on me during the first 3 days to make sure I was doing alright. Since the procedure was simple and didn’t hurt (actually, I don’t remember one single thing!)….I would do it again tomorrow! Thanks again for making me feel better and look better. I am sure you will be seeing me again for something!!"

– JW

I would highly recommend Dr. Roche for any and all of your cosmetic needs and wishes. I've had fat transfer, CO2 laser, breasts implants, the new Diva, hair removal and skin tightening. Dr. Roche, as well as his staff, including his wife are all very warm, down to earth and friendly folks whom make you feel welcome and comfortable. I have been extremely pleased with each and every procedure that Dr. Roche and his colleagues have performed on me. One of the things I like best besides the way the whole staff makes you feel at ease an d comfortable, would be the natural look established after the procedures. After one treatment of the Diva, my partner and I could tell a difference in tightness and it also helped with my urinary incontinence. I will continue my journey of regaining some of my youth , through the help of Dr. Roche, which has helped my confidence, not to mention my sex life is off the charts!. Thank you to Dr. Roche as well as his wife, collogues and staff for always showing compassion and concern for my personal needs and desires.